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Couper les tchou-tchou

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The title is pretty incredible and reflects an approach, rather rare, improvisation, tinged with humor and humility. The foot-nose begins the first dice “measures”. Indeed we listen, hear the sweet melody of a harpsichord a tad cheesy, which itself is already burned to disc vinyl. So we listen to a hard disk. Strange. The question she is returned or it becomes the subject complement? Pied-de-nose musical with humor and intelligence.
There is also space and time in this album. The instruments do not overlap and baroque ways of overpowering as it is (unfortunately) often rigorous improvisation. Instead, the assembly of sounds, instruments, accompanies perfectly the spirit and brings a serene kind of attention quite exceptional … but that does not stop there. In these clusters where a few little noises and explosions successful parsimonious arise, documents sound strange and “popular” appear. It begins with the strange male voice of a band of young men we imagine overexcited and full of testosterone … selected a famous French game voice (France Wild?), The “This is to port etc. …” where two teams compete without meaning, and trying to yell ever higher, always stronger than the opponent. Register and add those songs in a rough recording of improvised music where codes of this music scene (like many other scenes by the way) are fairly inflexible and sclerotic, is of great beauty and saves the same style of improvisation by giving it a new meaning, a new idea.
But that does not stop there. The grandiose happens when a superintendent internship berates two students surprised to have smoked on the roof. The voice of the chief officer, vulgar and angry, the voices of students guilty, and held low; mischief ridiculous smoking, refers to this micro-society that can be a school. The laws are often stupid and absurd, but, seriously, it is to break them. “Reissue of the first cd-r group Rennes France Wild “Cut the Chu-Chu” released in 2008 by the Rennes label “Start with Mom.” -Bimbo Tower

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