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Copal Flow

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In November 2011, after 20 years, the Italian band TERRORITMO became “WAKINYAN”. “Copal Flow” is the first step in Wakinyan’s exploration. Like the strong scent of copal brings ancient memories and visions, each track here depicts a scenery and involves the listener directly, totally. Introduced by the obscure night of “Notturno”, like in a wood, crowded with spirits and animals, you’re guided through 9 gates, each one opening on a different space and time. As if the purpose was to awake the slumbering ancestral memory of man, this record is fundamentally based on the dualism of elements strictly relating to the human being: “voice” and “iron”. Whispers and screams, heartbeats and metal clashes, pulsing rhythms and voodoo drumming, ancient chants of the earth. Anything takes place all around you… and inside you. Enjoy your journey! Lim Ed 350x -Backwards

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