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Chapel Perilous

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After a prolific 2011 with a handful of splendid releases on CD, DVD and cassette + collaborations with the likes of Charlemagne Palestine, Julien Ottavi and The Master Musicians of Joujouka, “Chapel Perilous” marks the debut vinyl release and first proper solo album by the Paris based audio/visual artist and curator of the exquisite Erratum label. 23 tracks, totalling approx. 35 minutes, compiled from recordings made in the course of the past eight years, de- and recomposed for this album in early 2012. Drawing on his voice as the main tool, Montessuis delivers a frantic opus of cut-up noise poetry, making “Chapel Perilous” le chef d’œuvre of his extending body of work. Lim Ed 317x -Fragment F.
A1 Untitled 2:29
A2 Untitled 0:23
A3 Untitled 1:03
A4 Untitled 0:23
A5 Untitled 2:22
A6 Untitled 2:05
A7 Untitled 0:42
A8 Untitled 1:13
A9 Untitled 2:16
A10 Untitled 4:46
B1 Untitled 1:03
B2 Untitled 1:38
B3 Untitled 1:25
B4 Untitled 1:01
B5 Untitled 0:52
B6 Untitled 1:37
B7 Untitled 0:38
B8 Untitled 0:35
B9 Untitled 1:31
B10 Untitled 0:44
B11 Untitled 0:43
B12 Untitled 1:02
B13 Untitled 3:49

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