Jules Etienne, formerly known as J.E.E.P. is an imaginative multi-instrumentalist. The french artist has been collaborating different times with label owner Massimiliano Pagliara and you might remember ”Egyptian Nipples”, their duo project that came out on A personal Music not long ago. Funnuvojere is proud now to present his ”Biscotte” a little jewel of beautiful harmonies. This EP takes its inspiration from a range of disparate elements.If the funky house groove of the title track and A2 ”MS20 (The Answer)” stage a colourful dance party winking to Klein and MBO’s glitterballs; B1 ”Pyongyang Blues” dives deep into the night with an acid throb embellished by bells and cosmic pads.The EP closes up with ”Thyle II” a calming luxuriant balearic composition. An ear pleaser in pure Funnuvojere style. -Clone

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