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Before Immunity

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Before Immunity is a thematic prequel to PRO424s previous album Immune, released in 2015. Immune is an instrumental sound story from a person’s perspective where society for some reason has gone under or in some way become corrupt or hijacked. For example, a zombie apocalypse, “I robot” -like AI, or perhaps a totalitarian rule that nobody dares to question. The person in question is immune to what caused society to go under and does everything in his/her power to “correct” what went wrong. That story ends with a “Beautiful Collapse” where the broken society is ravaged. The songs themselves follow a story.

Before Immunity is supposed to describe how it led to this society. Here the song titles have a clearer storyline which starts with a description of humanity’s current condition, followed by development and improvement. That part ends with time being the only judge of the outcome of the improvements, and if they lead to the expected of the outcome, and that you can never foresee all potential outcomes. During a period humanity peaks, everything is peace and joy, but it ends with something after all gone crazy and life somehow finds a way around it. Immune begins with the song Transition describing the devastation. -Lamour

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