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Bath Time

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Funnuvojere is the new imprint founded by Massimiliano Pagliara. Now marking his third album release, after countless remixes and EPs, the Panorama Bar resident widens the horizon of his musical contributions by launching a label ”deep as the ocean” as the name suggests, and open to different musical genres. The first instalment comes from James Booth. Known also as The Gardener and North Vest, the Manchester born producer has been known for his distinctive deep sound very dear to Los Angeles based imprint 100% Silk and Hamburg’s Growing Bin Records that released his latest LP in 2017. ”Bath Time” is a thrillingly deep-cosmic cut rich in melodies and emotions. The EP starts off with a spaced-out, italo classic cut where form assumes a different dimension as the music layers intertwine in an everlasting flow. If the title track seems ironically like a perfect place to start a party night, ”Roller Chrome” is an emotional ballad for hopeful dance floors; while ”Such Is Life” is a nostalgic piece of balearic tradition. -Clone

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