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Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn´t Change Me For Anyone

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While TWINS NATALIA are giving their debut album “The Destiny Room” the final touch they here present their powerful upbeat dance floor killer “I Avoid Strangers” on this 12″s A side in an almost epic 8,5 mins ‘special extended night version’ which should appeal to all into electro pop, minimal electronics, cold wave and electro-industrial, future pop as well. If this won’t become a major hit on the dark dance floors across the planet, then we really cannot help it… And on the AA side, POEME ELECTRONIQUE, after like 25 years of dormancy, are back! With “I Wouldn’t Change Me For Anyone” they present like a sister track to their 1982 classic “The Echoes Fade” and we are so happy they didn’t try to tie in with modern trends and rather just be themselves just transforming their very own sound into the modern age by a superb production and high level of professionalism. Beautiful synth sounds, emulations (TR-808), Sharon and Julie’s vocals sound better than ever before and Dave’s unique and ever present solos that are making this an electronic pop masterpiece that will surely make you wanna long for more. Last but not least, we present one of the – if not thee – most beautiful artwork so far with additional posters and postcards and POEME ELECTRONIQUE’s artwork being based on original paintings by German artist Peter K. Endres. All in all really a nice piece of passionate work this is. -Anna

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