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Alliances For Debris / Nairobi Pieces

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The legend of tumultuous disarrangement Brian Ruryk is back and at odds with a basement full of detritus. the goal here is to sweep everything into all corners of the laundry room, whilst playing bluegrass at a 10-speed hoe-down butchery and playing the pause-button of a dilapidated tape machine before mom gets home. the result is an explanation of gravity and multi-tasking in ALLIANCES FOR DEBRIS, the first side of this new beniffer excretion. Gastric Female Reflex on the other hand decide to opt for the hired help of a fart charmer to educe a fat-stinker of a collage that ranges from airhorns rewired to sound like sonorant fog calls, tim allen samples, makeshift mexican standoffs erected to eventually be tackled to the bare earth by a retarded tape-manipulated geese and the undeniable brilliance of closing cabinets. these are NAIROBI PIECES 13-26. the end of collage music cut into two sides of the exalted black plastic medium and housed in a three-color silkscreen of an illustration by fat boobs, then subsequently endowed with marbled innards and insert galore. eat it in an edition of 300. -Beniffer

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