The electronic, experimental group Gravité from San Fransisco is releasing their third album ”3” on Höga Nord Rekords. Their sound varies from motorik and beat driven, airy compositions to heavier denser numbers with swelling pads, glittering arpeggios and powerful Moog basses.
”3”’s balanced production gives the elements in the music room to breath and the tracks on the album often stands on a solid 80’s foundation; ”Into The I” sounds like an hommage to classic arcade game soundtracks but without modern Retrowave pastiches. ”Elation” on the other hand is three and a half minutes of cool and refreshing oceanspray. Gravité moves effortlessly over genres and moods, merging some of the finest moments of analog electronic music.
Like migrating birds, Matthew Riley and Aaron Diko seem have an inner pathfinder, leading them right no matter what musical airspace they’re flying in.

LP limited to 300 copys on black vinyl -H-N.

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