After the release of ”Mod”, Jonsson & Alter performed the material live. The realisation that struck them was that they wanted more beats, heavier beats. Thus the plan for a new album began to take shape. Without losing the lyrical melodies that make their house music unique they wanted to turn up the beats and let the rhythms take over the songs, while still letting each song tell a little story. With this in mind, they entered the studio in the beginning of 2013. – The plan was definitely to release a well-produced album with clearer beats. The first album was mixed with speakers from the computer in my bedroom. This time everything is recorded and mixed in a proper studio. The production sounds much better and more dynamic, says Joel Alter.The result is nine strong tracks that each shine and glimmer like a roughly cut diamond. There are obvious dance floor tracks with raw synth sounds (”Tuffa sig” and ”Jimi), funky flirts with disco (”Tribunen”), nostalgic rave memories (”Lyftet), beautiful melodies hovering over hard beats (”En Melodi”), and poetic house that stays with you for a long time (”Praha”, ”Svalor” and ”Efterfesten”). Singer Kazumi was invited to sing on ”Brevet Hem”, and her abstract and gorgeous vocals are beautifully balanced against the driven house beat. The album has, in other words, everything that fans loved about ”Mod”, but in a more refined form. The rhythms are more direct, the pace is higher and Jonsson & Alter never lose their focus. They are here to deliver deep house in their own unique poetic style. – We know each other better now and it shows in the music. ”2” is the most advanced thing we have done. The concept and ideas are stronger this time. For a while we played with the idea of calling it ”one way” as in a ”one way ticket”, since we really take the listeners on a trip this time, says Henrik Jonsson.The listeners are met by a prouder, matured, and more confident duo on ”2”. It is music for long club nights, but also perfect for simply listening to as it is dance music that reveals so many layers, so many angles and so much emotion. -Kontra

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