1.23 (pronounced one twenty three) is an album comprising twenty four
short instrumental synthesizer tracks made in the spiritual and techno-
logical context of the eighties. The posture not being nostalgic but
embracing; the past presents the future.
The music is performed by Oktoberfragment and follows the early
eighties tradition of role models like Fad Gadget, John Foxx, The Human
League, The Passage, Twice a Man and all the others.
1.23 is performed on contemporary eighties instruments – originals or
clones – and also follows the tradition of classical composers like Bach
and Chopin, putting together a musical collection covering the entire
twenty four keys of the tempered scale of music.
About Oktoberfragment
Oktoberfragment is the spiritual remains of 18:e Oktober. One of the
early electronic underground acts of the cassette scene in Sweden in the

If you received an album numbered below 10, you are among the seven Swedish
electronically induced bands quoted between 1’45’’ and 2’00’’ in the last track of
this album. Please accept this sign of appreciation for the inspiration Oktoberfrag-
ment acquired listening to your music in the eighties.

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