NJURMÄNNEN Terror in the dollhouse

NJURMÄNNEN - Terror in the dollhouse

Label: Old Europa Cafe (OECD 110)
Released: 2008

The album features studio recordings arround 1990 by the legendary Swedish electronica pioneers Njurmännen! This CD album contains the most part of their long time out of print LP "Reality Adventures" plus some stray material from compilations and seven inch vinyl and one previously 
un-released track!Snappy gothic pop tunes meet electronic gamelan meets Russian poetry in outer space... Or something like that... Or much more simply "The real cult release of 2008" !!!?!?!?

  • a1 Alfa Romeo
  • a2 Big Guns
  • a3 Reptile Enclosure
  • a5 Space Manifesto
  • a6 Space Craft
  • a7 Sweet Labour
  • a8 Silicon or Brimstone
  • a10 Popstar
  • a11 Sticky Atmosphere
  • a12 Letzte Tage, letzte Nächte
  • a13 Negativland
  • a14 Von Däniken
  • a15 Krympling

NJURMÄNNEN Terror in the dollhouse

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