BATCHAS Explorations 85-95

BATCHAS - Explorations 85-95

Label: Monochrome Vision (MV 14)
Released: 2007

Quite unexpected, but surely long awaited comeback of this mysterious Swiss-based project, returning to the musical scene with the new album released after ten years of oblivion. This is another masterpiece of minimal analogue synth-sound alchemy, a journey through Batchas acoustic world allocated in the deep space between two acoustic radiators of stereosystem. Lim Ed 500x 
-Monochrome Vision

  • a1 Immersion
  • a3 Submersible
  • a4 Approach
  • a5 Turbulences
  • a7 Coal Harbour
  • a8 Pipeline
  • a9 Prospecting
  • a10 Malachite Mines
  • a11 Amphibians
  • a12 Revelation
  • a13 Landing

BATCHAS Explorations 85-95