Lost Control 2097,UK

Long running Manchester and Berlin based party 'Lost Control, ’' who hold a NTS residency under the same name run by Black Eyes, bring us the new label Lost Control 2097.

The label itself is a new extension of the portal from the 7th dimension. Specialising in plasma house, sub-aquatic electro and cybernetik techno all brought back from the year 2097.

*Info taken from Discogs label page

Gibberish EP

"Gibberish EP"

Lost Control 2097

(12" EP)




130.00 SEK

dj WILLIE OBOE "Gibberish EP"

Label: Lost Control 2097 [lc2097-002]
Released: 2021

FRAK IS BACK! 1 of the members Jan Svensson, to be more precise and he's under a new moniker for Lost Control 2097 as dj Willie Oboe. Residing from Sweden, legend in acid and techno, countless releases spanning 30 years under the Frak alias, history, history, etc, etc. We don't need to give you a long bio for this EP, it speaks for itself. For the 2nd release on the label, we (& dj Willie Oboe obviously) are offering you 4 slices of plasma house and cybernetik techno served up with a slithered seasoning of mastering from audio demi-god 'Patrik Book'. This is for all the people that went to the space raves of 2088, this is for the people dancing in the fields of Mars in 2092 and this is for the people who built the plasma machines so we're able to bring these futuristic sounds back in time to 2021. WHERE WERE YOU IN 2092?Facts: Track A1 is also affected by Ellinor Jacksons attendance in the studio recording time with her flink ins and other ideas. Tack A2 is just another v..
Lost Control 2097
lc2097-002 - 2021

12" EP



130.00 SEK