No Fun Productions USA

The guy behind the No fun festival in new york, releases experimental stuff, harsh electronics etc..
ENEMA SYRINGE "Live at the No Fun Fest 2007"
No Fun 21 Released: 2008 Format: LP Price: 150.00 SEK
Classic tunes performed live at No Fun 2007.
DEATHROES "Final Expense"
No Fun 17 Released: 2007 Format: LP Price: 150.00 SEK
DEATHROES is GERRITT and SIXES. Total Auditory destruction by these west coast veterans debut collaboration LP. Dark psychedelic drone, walls of sounds, electronic impossibility. Tectonic plates shift and rain of lava annihilates ones own soul along with everyone else’s. Enligthment and new death-born feelings combined with hallucinations so sharp and vivid that they lead to the disintegration of all senses. Salvation, elation, Truth?-no, only the final expense! Split Release with Misanthropic Agenda. Limited to 500 copies. -No Fun
No Fun 14 Released: 2007 Format: LP Price: 150.00 SEK
Consumer Electronics is the work of Mr. Philip Best (Whitehouse,Male Rape Group, Ramleh just to name a few!) Pioneer of power electronics and noise who's been at it since the early 80's in his early teenage years while we were all still sucking on our mother's breast and crying like retards. First full length Vinyl release for C.E. since 1993. Produced by Mr. William Bennett. Two side long tracks of beautiful evil noise and heavy layers of drone with the sonic power of recent Whitehouse releases and the classic Consumer Electronics tense and obsessive vibe. Comes in heavy delux screened covers.Limited to 500 copies. -No Fun
SMEGMA/CARLOS GIFFONI/METALUX "Smegma/Carlos giffoni/metalux"
No Fun 07 Released: Format: LP Price: 150.00 SEK
Great soundtravel thru dirty psychedelic & electronics!!! Coreleased between the Legendary LAFMS(Los Angeles Free Music Society)and No Fun. Lim ed 500x
JOHN WIESE "Tumbler"
No Fun 06 Released: Format: LP Price: 150.00 SEK
Total Head Crush Destruction from Mr Wiese (also of Sissy Spacek and LHD, works with Sunn 0)), etc,etc), if your head was made out of a boulder the sounds here enclosed are still designed to leave behind nothing but blood stain dust. Side A is the eternal acid rain that we all fear slowly melting your skin away and reminding of your insignificant humanity, Side B is a metallic behemoth continously punching you from all directions leaving you with just enough unbroken bones so that you can breath. Another No Fun Classic. Limited to 300. - No Fun