BLOWHOLE A Love extreme

BLOWHOLE - A Love extreme

Label: Zabriskie Point (Point 3)
Released: 1993

Experimental noise ´n´ free-jazz double album, terrific!

  • a2 Requem for the liberation of the four string or would you please put that fucking thing away?
  • a3 Sixteen (four fours)
  • a4 Yesterday is the answer
  • a5 lonely tuber
  • a6 Blindly, spring recoil 1
  • a7 Styrofoam
  • b2 Palimpsest
  • b3 Spring recoil 2
  • b4 Mo
  • b5 instructional adio
  • b6 Cut my neck
  • b7 Widgets and bevels
  • b8 Wack that beehive
  • c1 The head
  • c2 Doncha? no!
  • c3 Needle
  • c4 Puppets
  • c6 National anthem of the peoples´ re-public of China
  • d1 Needle
  • d2 Cosco construct

BLOWHOLE A Love extreme