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Decoded Satellite / Privat & Scharf

"Decoded Satellite / Privat & Scharf"

Digitalo Enterprises





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SKATEBÅRD / DJ SOTOFETT / LAUER "Decoded Satellite / Privat & Scharf"

Label: Digitalo Enterprises [dent010]
Released: 2020

Tenth 12" on Skatebård's imprint narrows the inspirational-arrow directly to Italian dance music. For each of the three artists involved Italian phenomenas Italo Disco, Italian House Music and Cosmic-Afro are undoubtedly strong influences. DJ Sotofett & Skatebård lowers eyebrows with narcotic synth patterns alongside classic TR-909 and tamburine rhythms, only paused by a cosmic & futuristic string break (almost same equipment used here as on Sotofett's Dritfett EP). Lauer collaborates with Sotofett on a sunny, warm B-side. Keyboard hooks and driving dubs of various sparkly synths and solos layer a driving arrangement and persistently alive house beats. It is not a copy, nor only an inspiration – it is a cue source of Italian Underground Clubs. -Fett D...
Ancient Electronic Plaza

"Ancient Electronic Plaza"

Digitalo Enterprises

(12" EP)



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ATLAS-E "Ancient Electronic Plaza"

Label: Digitalo Enterprises [dent009]
Released: 2018

This collaboration between Skatebård, Philipp Lauer & DJ Sotofett dives deep into flux borders of italo, new beat and the melodic sides of industrial. A-side is contoured by a synthetic bassline riff on trigged drums & percussions for a full club version. B-side's two tracks are both differently bass driven, one with live piano solo and the other with airy whistles. All tracks cleverly composed with a richness of melody, rhythm & engaging arrangements. -Fett Distro..
Digitalo Enterprises
dent009 - 2018

12" EP


110.00 SEK