PEEL MD - Grip

Label: Börft Records

Released: 2012

Format: Mini LP

Price: 130.00 SEK

-Second Press of 350 copies-
With this release börft starts to release interesting electronic dancemusic again (after some resting years). Our new format is MiniLP, longer playtime than an average 12" but still DJ quality! PEEL MD is first out with this acidios travell that will make no resting moments but powerfull cruel groovy acid mood... This duo started 2008 in Örebro, Sweden. This is their debut release on vinyl.
a1 Henry, second bass
a2 MUC
a3 Swarm
b1 Monster
b2 Fusefudge

Juggernaut 12" EP 2014 Börft Records 100.00 SEK