Periodic Fluctuations of Voltages

Scaff / Aparatus
"Periodic Fluctuations of Voltages"


(12" EP)



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Scaff / Aparatus "Periodic Fluctuations of Voltages"

Sold Out

Label: Kontra-Musik [km006]
Released: 2007

The a-side, produced by the master of the modular system, pseudonym Scaff, takes us deep down our favorite techno memory lane. If techno was the meeting of Kraftwerk and George Clinton in an elevator, SSM 440 is the outcome of Jeff Mills and Maurizio having breakfast at Tiffany’s. This track is warm, dubby and monotonous but with a drive heading straight for the late night dance floor. The b-side gives us two unique sounding tracks from pseudonym Aparatus. City Tunnel slowly and elegantly grinds, cranks and turns while building its way towards dance floor bliss. X-Presso is best described as periodic fluctuations of voltages in the analog domain. Elegant details of beautiful sound take us back to the time when minimal music still was interesting. This is ’Techno’ in the sense that the term was originally intended. Enjoy `cause analog is the bastard. -Kontra..