Anton Zap & Luke Hess

Our Music is a Secret Order (Remixed)

Anton Zap & Luke Hess
"Our Music is a Secret Order (Remixed)"





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Anton Zap & Luke Hess "Our Music is a Secret Order (Remixed)"

Label: Kontra-Musik [km009]
Released: 2009

First out is the grandson of Moscow - Anton Zap, with a remix of the track Half. In the hands of Anton, the original is present but with a major Zap stamp on it. Bent and quirky sounds, warm harmonies and baseline are edited into great house music. It is not often a remix out stands the original, but this time it might be the case.On the b-side Luke Hess gives his blessing to the dub track Midwest_N. As the name implies we are going for a deep techno ride to Detroit. With scientific perfectionism, Hess approaches the dance floor, mixing warm sound-scapes and dub-cords with driving melodies, cymbals and claps. The result is once again elegantly produced mind transforming dance music. -Kontra..