STRANGER STATION Echoes in Infinity

STRANGER STATION - Echoes in Infinity

Label: Anna Logue Records (Anna 022)
Released: 2009

There is a lot of playfulness within these tracks, and you can hear they could play and handle their ARP synthesisers, brooding elctronics, wonderful melodies, great use of any effects section of the synthesiser and many changes and new ideas coming and going within the tracks. The lyrics are dark and quite depressive, well influenced by the time when living in Britain back then. All three aforementioned tracks are also included to “Echoes in Infinity”. Truly a classic electronic music album. Recorded Uk 1981. Lim ed 500x - Anna

  • a1 Two Way Mirror
  • a3 Mind of Clay
  • a4 Waiting for the Moles
  • a5 Not like me
  • b1 Welcome to the Night
  • b3 Some of my Brothers
  • b4 Strangers
  • b5 Minutes to Silence

STRANGER STATION Echoes in Infinity